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High Fives


What They’re Saying

"I would definitely recommend Jennifer Carlson for HRT! She’s very understanding and easy to talk with and is very knowledgeable about HRT. I started using HRT about 2 years ago and I feel so much better mentally and physically! It has helped me with mood swings, sleep, bladder control and my skin is softer and smoother! It has given me an overall feeling of well being! I have lab tests done regularly and if needed, Jennifer has adjusted my dosage. She’s very prompt about answering all my questions and concerns. I haven’t regretted using HRT! What a life changer it’s been!"

Pam C - Age 68

"I have been a patient of Jennifer Carlson for a couple years and I am so thankful I found her and her services. She goes above and beyond what most medical professionals I have seen, and really works with you on an individualized plan. Before I began my journey with her, I was tired, moody, dealing with constant weight gain, and hormonal imbalances, and a lower libido, despite calorie cutting, regular cardio and resistance training. After close monitoring and adjustments, she helped me find a plan to keep everything in check. I have more energy, weight loss, I feel stronger during workouts, I feel better mentally, less anxious, a rebooted libido, and overall better health all around. Jennifer will listen to you, your concerns, and your goals and work with you. She is great at communicating and keeping in touch with her clients as well. Having someone with her knowledge base, and her constant drive to learn the best options for her patients is a big part of what is missing from other providers."

Rochelle M - Age 41

Combat Veterans looking for relief from PTSD, Trauma and Pain - Dr Carlson is clearly the best medical practitioner I have ever met. She will help you without all the drugs and associated risk. Integrity is her watch word.

"Dr. Carlson saved my life from myself". 

I have been a patient with Jennifer for almost 5 years. I will tell you that I have had major injuries that Jennifer single- handedly has made tremendous strides with, as far as pain management and significant improvements in my overall mental health. 

I am a retired military guy who took some hard hits. Jennifer takes a whole body and mind concept, with her treatments, that have had huge impacts on my life. If I can say one thing... She has most definitely saved my life. I can actually function normally. I highly recommend the SGB and LDN for PTSD. The 6 week mark was remarkable.

Jennifer is 1000% the most vet friendly provider I have worked with. She doesn’t push pills as the only method. She is kind - gentle - understanding - and no-nonsense. 

Very upfront and 100% honest about your issues. She will listen and doesn’t judge. She doesn’t beat around the bush, and if she doesn’t know something - she tells you! She then finds out the information and gets back to you.

I will never go to anyone else as a primary care. Perfect for Veterans with trust issues.

JP - Age 55

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