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Hormonal Deficiencies in Men


Low sex drive

Erectile dysfunction

Decreased sense of well-being

Depressed mood

Difficulties with concentration and memory


Moodiness and irritability

Loss of muscular strength


-Men are often unaware that estrogen (estradiol) plays a critical role in their day-to-day health. Estrogen is found in small-but-critical concentrations in men. It needs to be in balance with the rest of your hormones, especially testosterone, for you to feel well. It is required for the healthy physiologic functions of your brain and other important organs, including:

Erectile function and sex interest

Maintenance of bone health

Regulation of fat mass vs. lean mass

Cardiovascular health

Brain functions

Lipid metabolism

Skin metabolism


Similar symptoms as women with the addition of the following:

Balding/hair loss

Lower sex drive

Decreased testosterone levels

Gynecomastia, male breast enlargement (hyperthyroidism)

Loss of muscle mass and/or strength

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